Care Tips

Our golden pieces are made with 14k Gold-Filled materials which offer an amazing value over solid gold (which tends to come with a price tag often much more than 5x as high!).

Gold-Filled holds up quite well and much better than any type of plated/ dipped/ overlaid and vermeil alternatives but of course outcomes can differ given varying lifestyles and care.

Some care can help keep your piece looking great with harsh chemicals avoided and habitual cleaning, and ideally never storing your pieces damp or dirty.


Showering with it on can help keep it clean (if no harsh soaps are used) as this helps wash off daily chemicals and even sweat and residues from perfume and such that can get on jewelry and especially do harm when stored that way. Rinsing it and mild soaps do it well! 

We use Sterling Silver for our silver pieces and care is similar to that for gold-filled.

For either metal - soaking in warm water with dawn soap tends to yield great results for refreshing the shine.

If your piece has darkened, try the dawn soap soak a few times and some polishing in-between. We tend to have great polishing cloths available for our customers to purchase. Please keep in mind that the treatment in the cloths might dirty light silk cords.

 Be sure to rinse really well. Warm water is best.


We've also used ultrasonic machines on our pieces but attention should be given to any chemicals used with that as the laminated layer of gold can wear off quicker with ongoing harsh washing. 

We highly suggest not to adjust silk cord pieces while wet. Also, not pulling too fast can help with optimal durability.