Adjusting our Standard Silk Bracelets

Our silk bracelets are sized to "fit most"
and they slide through many hand sizes, including some L and XL :)
They open to 9" at the widest as shown in our pale rose color in the pic here.
The lilac and gray shown are also this same exact size! They are just pulled to show some adjustment options.
Make sure all the metal elements in the back are together to ensure it is fully open, as shown on our pale rose left-most bracelet example.
Once the piece slides down your hand, the two ends can be pulled. Pull them equally so that the beads in the front stay centered!
The back ends can hang as shown in our gray piece. Or by sliding each of the 2 "wheel" beads on each side, they can be held up as pictured in our lilac example.
If you know the user has medium or small hands you may let us know so we can make it to a smaller size such as our size C that opens to 8.25 or our size D (XS) which opens to 7.75. We can also make them larger of course, like our "B" Size which opens to 10.25, or any other size for that matter! Including clasped options! <33 KD